America Tourist Visa 2024


America Tourist Visa 2024

Many people are interested in knowing how to get a tourist visa easily without any trouble to visit the dream country of America. Currently, in the era of information technology, America Tourist Visa can be easily obtained by sitting at home using the internet on a laptop or mobile phone. Basic understanding of application rules is available.

Famous as the capital of the world, America has famous universities, business institutions and natural beauty spots such as Niagara Falls, Chicago, Alaska, Yellowstone, Golden Gate Bridge, White House, Walt Disney World, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Las Vegas. Many more interesting places. The country has won the hearts of millions with its diverse history, striking beauty, sense of safety and order.

For the convenience of travelers, today's post will discuss in detail the rules for applying for a US tourist visa from start to finish. In today's post, I will discuss about the US tourist visa cost and all the issues in this article.

USA Tourist Visa Cost

If you want to go to America on a tourist visa, you must first know the US Visit Visa Cost. Then you have to apply for the visa first and then give the interview. If you pass the interview, you can go to America on a tourist visa.

So you understand that going to America on a tourist visa is not an easy matter at all. To apply for a tourist visa as an ordinary immigrant, you will cost US = $160. Businesses, student exchanges and tourists will also spend the same amount.

However, the application fee for Religious Visa, Petition Visa, Work Visa will be US = $190. Also K category visa will cost US = $260 and E category visa will cost US = $210.

Eligibility for US visa

You can apply for America Tourist Visa very easily. But in that case, you must acquire the eligibility for US visa. That is, to get an American tourist visa, you need to have 3 qualifications. If you can prove these 3 qualifications, it will be easy for you to get a US Travel Visa.

Financial capability or bank statesman

Simply put, financial capability is the lifeblood of a travel visa. If you want to go to America (A trip to America) then you must show proof of your financial ability or not. At least 6 months old property documents are required.

Borrowed 8/10 lakhs and kept it in the bank before applying for visa to show the embassy that it will not happen. Because you need to prove your income is valid. Otherwise the visa will be cancelled. While filling the form, detailed information about income should be mentioned.

Professional qualifications

No matter what profession you are in business, business or job, the position of professional income should be good. If you are running a business then the business must be long-standing and have a license. Also have a good idea about the profession you are engaged in. Because by looking at your expression or facial expression, they can understand what profession you belong to.

Must prove that you Traveler

It is most important for you to prove that you are a travel-loving person and will only travel to America. Because most of the Bangladeshi people lie and try to stay as illegal immigrants while traveling as tourists or commit various criminal acts which destroy the honor of the country. Due to which good Bank Statesman (Bank Statesman), despite having strong professional qualifications, 90% of visas are cancelled.

Prerequisites for American tourist visa application

Citizens of other countries must first obtain a visa to enter the United States. The visa is affixed to the traveler's passport. A passport is a travel document issued actually by a traveler's own country.

To go from Bangladesh to America, you need to make a passport first. Currently e-passport has been launched in Bangladesh. If you don't have this digital passport, make it soon, it will reduce your suffering.

Must have experience of traveling to at least five countries. You will not get America Tourist Visa in new condition. Because only those who are professional travelers are given US tourist visa. If you follow the rules below before submitting the visa application form to avoid visa cancellation or confusion, hopefully there will be no problem in getting the visa.

    • Passport should be valid for at least Eight-months(8).
    • Passport should have 3 blank pages.
    • Correct passport number should be mentioned in the visa application form.
    • Expiry date and renewal date of passport should be mentioned.
    • Name must be written like accurately in the application form.
    • Scanned image must be submitted.
    • Current and permanent address should match with utility bill.
    • Voter ID should match with birth certificate.
    • You must give correct details of your profession.
    • Select specific area. The application should be submitted to the visa center within 8 days of filling the application form. 

The name of the visa application submission center and the money deposit center must be the same.

American Tourist visa validity and administrative rules

American tourist visas, known as B-2 visas, allow foreign nationals to come to the United States for special purposes, including tourism, visiting friends or family, receiving medical treatment, and temporary business travel (for B-1 visas). The validity and administrative rules of this visa are as follows:

Tourist Visa validity

Duration: The duration of a B-2 tourist visa is often determined at the time of application, and can typically range from one to ten years. However, this may vary depending on the US embassy or consulate.

Multiple entries: Many B-2 visas are authorized for multiple entries, which means you can enter and exit the United States more than once during the visa period.

Tourist Visa Administrative rules

→Visa Interview: As part of the visa application, almost all applicants are required to undergo a personal interview. Interviews are scheduled to verify whether they meet visa eligibility and whether their intentions are legitimate.

→Visa Fee: Visa processing fee applies and is non-refundable. Additional fees may apply such as visa issuance fees, which apply after your visa is approved.

→Application Process: Applicants must complete the DS-160 form online, pay the application fee, and schedule an interview. They should ensure that they bring all the required documents to the interview.

→Period of Entry: Visa period and entry period are different. When you enter the United States, a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer will determine the duration of your entry, which is usually six months. However, it may be more or less in particular contexts.

Visa processing times may vary by country, embassy duties, and special security clearance requirements. Everything should be planned well in advance for a successful visa application and travel.


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