America Visa Processing, Interview and Paperwork!


America Visa Processing, Interview and Paperwork!

Let's find out how to apply for an American tourist visa, what are the rules? You need to fill the DS-160 form at the America Tourist Visa Embassy. Visa fee for American tourist visa is 160 dollars which has to be deposited through Eastern Bank. Visa fee is waived. If you want, you can do the entire visa process through a travel visa agency, but in that case the amount of money will be more.

You can contact for more details with any visa related questions. After filling this form, the embassy will inform you the specific date of the interview through email. America Visa Processing may take approximately 3 to 5 working days. The validity of this tourist visa will be from 6 months to a maximum of 1 year.

America Visa Interview

The most important thing for America tourist visa is the interview. Because they will not give you tourist visa without interview. If you pass the interview, you will get a tourist visa. And if you fail you will not get tourist visa.

America Tourist Visa (America Tourist Visa) has some privileges. If you are in the US on a tourist visa, you can travel to some countries without a visa. This facility will not apply to visas in any other country. US tourist visa regulations are among the most stringent. But if you follow the right rules and regulations, getting a visa is not a problem.

In order to get America Tourist Visa (America Tourist Visa) you have to prove in an 8-10 minute interview that you are an avid traveler and will return home after your trip. Before going to America, you should know the names of its sights because they will ask you where you want to visit.

You must not have any anti-American posts on your social media. You will not be asked too many questions, if you can prove everything properly, your visa will be confirmed.

Interview Questions and Answers

Before going to the USA tourist visa interview you need to appear in nice and neat clothes. And of course answer the interview questions with confidence. Don't get nervous at all because if you get nervous in front of them it will be difficult to get visa. So let's know what are the questions usually asked for tourist visa:-

  • Why do you want to go to America?
  • Do you have travel experience in any country other than your country?
  • What places do you want to visit in America and what do you want to see?

The questions above are the ones you will usually be asked. You have to answer the questions correctly with confidence. If you have a little weakness in English, you can also do it in Bengali. However, it is important to have English language skills when traveling abroad.

Your finances, valid documents, whether you will return home after your trip will all be carefully considered. If you have good income through legitimate means then getting a visa will be much easier. Must deposit money in their designated bank account before the interview and then give the interview.

US Visa Required Documents

If you want to go to America with a tourist visa, you will need several documents. The security of a developed state like America is much higher than other countries. Documents required for US Tourist Visa are mentioned below-

    • A digital passport will be required with a minimum validity of six months or more.
    • A recent passport size photograph will be required.
    • NID Car.
    • Birth certificate.
    • Bangladesh Citizenship Certificate.
    • Medical report.
    • Police Clearance Certificate.
    • Who is the corona vaccine?
    • Bank papers.
    • All insurance related documents.

Police Clearance Certificate

Police certificate is very important in US tourist visa. Because the applicant must have police clearance to go to America. The visa will be canceled if the applicant is involved in criminal activities. Applicants aged 16 years or above should collect the certificate from the police station nearest to their current residence.

Also, if you stay in a country other than America for one year, you must get a certificate from the police of that country. A fee of Tk 500 has to be deposited in Sonali Bank for police certificate. The police certificate has to be reviewed, approved and verified by Bangladesh Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Police Commissioner.

Other fees

Even after paying the prescribed visa fee, in some cases, an additional visa fee is required. Additional fees are then paid directly to the National Visa Center, US Embassy or Consulate, or Department of Homeland Security. From certain countries may be required to pay a Visa issue fee after their application is selected. These fees are based on “reciprocity” (what another country charges a US citizen for the same type of visa).

The United States of America tries to eliminate visa issuance fees whenever possible. But when a foreign government imposes this fee on US citizens for a particular type of visa, the US will impose a “reciprocal” fee on citizens of that country for the same type of visa.

American visa benefits

A variety of benefits can be enjoyed by obtaining an American visa, which are as follows:

  • 1. Educational and Research Facilities: American visas provide international students with world-class academic and research opportunities. By doing this, they can study in various higher education institutions in America.
  • 2. Career Opportunities: Different types of visas allow professionals to work in America. It is helpful for career advancement and gaining international experience.
  • 3. Trade and Business Facilities: Business visas (such as B-1) allow business persons to attend trade conferences, business meetings, and other commercial activities.
  • 4. Medical Benefits: A medical visa allows applicants to seek medical treatment at advanced medical facilities in the United States.
  • 5. Tourist Facilities: A tourist visa (B-2) provides an opportunity to enjoy America beauty, heritage, and culture.
  • 6. Benefits of getting together with family and friends: American visas are useful for spending time with family and friends and attending special events or festivals.
  • 7. Legal protection and benefits: American visa holders are entitled to protection and due process under American law.
  • 8. Benefits of Long Term Stay: Some visas, such as work or educational visas, allow for long-term stays, which are conducive to cultural experience and professional development.
  • 9. Being part of a diverse community: America is a diverse country, and getting a visa gives you the opportunity to interact with people of different cultures, languages, and traditions.

These benefits of American visas provide various opportunities for foreign nationals to travel, study, or work in America.


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