Why Night Makeup is Important! - healthforty


Why Night Makeup is Important! - healthforty

Why Night Makeup is Important! - healthforty

Tips on Night Makeup:

According to makeup experts, night makeup is very effective. How much can you take care of yourself in this busy time? The busyness of the housewives started at seven in the morning. And the working women work all day and return home, there is no end of work; After taking care of the family, it is time to sleep to prepare for the next day's work. Students are busier, where is the opportunity to look at yourself a little throughout the day! Daily routine maintenance quota therefore remains empty. The result is various skin-hair problems, thinning, premature aging, and many more. When this is the case, the ideal solution can be to finish the makeup just before going to bed.

Why Night Makeup is Important:

People who work outside all day, their skin accumulates dust, fumes etc. After returning home every night, it is very important to remove the accumulated dirt and makeup from the facial skin and it is the main reason why for you night makeup is so necessary. If the dust accumulates on the face due to abnormal environmental pollution and is left on the skin, it is needless to say that the condition of the skin will be damaged. If the dirt is not removed, the pores of the skin will become blocked, the skin will not be able to breathe normally, which can lead to acne, blackheads, whiteheads or other skin problems. The sun, even the light of the day, is often harmful to the skin. That's not likely at night, so applying something then might work better on clean skin. Metabolism is also reduced while sleeping, the skin is very comfortable. Moreover, due to continuous sleep of 7-8 hours, the cream gets time to be effective. which is a thousand activities during the day; Impossible between eating and drinking. Therefore, it is advisable to do makeup and cleaning at night to improve the nutrition and beauty of the skin. But if you can take time to clean your face twice in between the day's work. Then night makeup will be more effective, no doubt about it.

What should be the makeup of the night?

Routine depends on many things. Such as age, season, weather, air humidity etc.

Skin: Cleanliness is the key to beautiful skin. If the dirt on the skin is not cleaned properly, it can lead to acne. The skin becomes scaly, rough, uneven. So every day, before going to bed regularly, if you clean your face well, the facial skin will be very fair fresh throughout the night. In this case it will be very good to wash the face with mild soap or face wash (if available) and water. But if you have dry skin, you can use something like cleansing lotion or cream instead of soap. Wet cotton should be used for cleaning.


First you need to know your skin type and wash your face accordingly with face wash. Of course, one thing to note is that if you have sensitive skin, you can use herbal face wash for your skin.


Then use Facepack. You can make it at home. For dry skin 1 tablespoon of uptan + 1 teaspoon of curd + 1 teaspoon of milk or milk.

For oily and combination skin: 1 tablespoon of uptan + 1 teaspoon of curd + 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.

Mix them together and apply on the face. Be careful not to dry completely, when half dry wash your face thoroughly with a mild scrub.


As a moisturizer, those with dry skin can apply just 2-3 drops of any baby oil on wet face. It is important to know that if you have oily skin, you should definitely not use moisturizer.

Adding vitamin E to night cream is beneficial. Because vitamin E keeps the skin youthful. Besides, if this vitamin is mixed in the cream, the cream stays good and usable for a long time. Overnight creams from good companies are good for all ages. It is better to use foreign nourishing cream. Foreign creams contain collagen and elastin that regenerate skin cells. Besides, there are liposomes, which go deep into the skin and provide the necessary nutrients to the skin. If you use this kind of cream at night, your skin will be better.

For acne: 

For those with oily skin and acne prone skin, definitely use an astringent instead of a moisturizer. Perfect homemade astringents are rose water, cucumber juice etc. Make ice cubes by keeping cucumber juice in a very useful refrigerator. Make sure to rub a cube on your face every night to avoid the time consuming and hassle of juicing.

Shake a quantity of mint and neem leaves together and mix well and apply only on acne and blemishes and go to sleep.. Wash it off in the morning. Mint leaves can also be used in face packs. Very useful for acne.


To reduce the dark circles under the eyes, before going to bed, put grated cucumber or cool potato or cool tea bag on the eyes for 10-15 minutes.

Hands and Feet:

Regularly wash your feet well at night and apply lotion before going to bed. feet with soap at night, make a mixture of 2 tablespoons of warm olive oil + 1 teaspoon of salt and massage it well on your feet. By doing this, the dead cells of the body will fall off and the heel will be soft, as a result of which the blood circulation of the body will be normal. Instead, you can massage with the scrub you use for your face. Wash and apply lotion and lie down. Give your feet proper rest after a long day. You can also take care of your hands in the same way. Face, hands, feet should be massaged with light hands, gently. Otherwise, the results may be reversed.


If you have long hair, braid it before going to bed. It doesn't take all night long and if you have short hair, it's okay to sleep with your hair open. Sleeping with oil massage will improve your sleep.


We have to face various problems due to cut, cracked or broken nails and to reduce these problems completely, before going to sleep, massage olive oil regularly on finger and toe nails daily. This will keep the nails moisturized throughout the night and the problem will reduce inshallah.

Some suggestions:

  • You should never go to bed at night without removing your day makeup. Always clean your face thoroughly before applying makeup or else it will damage your skin. How much cream you use is as important as what type of cream you use. For oily skin use less cream. But those who have acne should not use night cream. Dry skin needs more cream.
  • Develop the habit of drinking water regularly. Drinking plenty of water is also essential to keep the stomach clean after our daily meals.

Drink a glass of normal clear water every day 10 minutes before going to sleep. Regular maintenance, balanced diet, good living will keep you well and healthy and the health will be reflected in your outer beauty. So even with your non-stop work, you will be healthy, lively and beautiful with this home care before sleep.

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