Baby Food from 6 months with Mother's Food! - healthforty

Baby Food from 6 months with Mother's Food

Baby Food from 6 months with Mother's Food! - healthforty

It is important to feed all the foods when the baby is six months old

When the baby is six months old, special attention should be paid to his food. Be aware of his food. A baby's main food is mother's breast milk. Working mothers; They have to be very aware.

In addition to breast milk, the baby should be given other foods from this time. However, many mothers do not know how the baby's food will be at this time. And suddenly children do not want to eat other food. So you have to get used to it gradually.

Rice Starch:

Care should be taken to ensure that the child's body gets enough fluids or that his body is always moist. Rice fan or rice starch will add energy to the baby's body. Rice is already a 'low allergen' food. So, if you want to wean your baby from mother's milk, feed it first. It will keep your baby's body moist and give him adequate nutrition and energy. Drain the fan of rice and add some salt to it and feed it to your child.

Crispy Fruit:

If you want to start feeding your baby solid food, you can chew the fruit and feed it. Almost all the nutrients that a child's body needs are found in fruits. And because of the sweet taste of the fruit, children usually like to eat the fruit as well. You can feed your little baby the first apple. Boil and peel an apple and eat a few tablespoons. Ripe bananas can also be chewed and fed to the baby with a spoon.

Vegetable Puree:

When the baby is no longer dependent on breast milk for his food, you can start feeding him vegetables. Vegetables are full of nutrients. So the baby's body will also get the necessary nutrients. Boil potatoes, carrots or other vegetables well and drain the water. Vegetables like carrot, beans, gourd, pumpkin are also boiled well and fed to the smart baby. Boiled vegetables are very beneficial for the body and will improve your baby's development.


Oatmeal or oat porridge can be given to the baby when starting solid food. It contains a lot of nutrients and does not cause digestion problems for the baby. You can also mix fruits and vegetables with oats to increase the taste. Just as oats are beneficial for the health of adults, they are extremely healthy for children. It will be better for the baby's body if it is mixed with different kinds of vegetables and fed to the baby.

Dal Soup:

Although dal soup does not fall under solid food, you can feed your baby dal soup from the age of six months. Boil different types of pulses in water and make them soft. Then strain the water and mix it with a little butter and a pinch of salt and feed it to the child. You can pinch the soft pulse and feed it to your child. But make sure that the dal grains become soft. If the twigs are hard, they can get stuck in the child's throat.

Eat more homemade food instead of outside food. Instead of force-feeding the baby, play-feed it. Remember, not all children have the same preferences and needs. Never feed the child by scaring or scolding. Each child's food needs, environmental conditions are different.

Working mothers; They may not be able to spend time with the child throughout the day. But others in the family must keep an eye on the child's eating and cleanliness.

Mixed Canopy For Mother:

Those who get bored of eating monotonous food for breakfast or afternoon can eat chhatu in the morning or afternoon. Take chhatu in quantity along with milk, sugar/molasses and coconut and mix well. Prepared chhatu. Impossibly fun breakfast is ready.

Advantages of mixed roof:

1. Helps to lose weight by increasing the metabolism in the body.

2. A glass of Chhatu Sarbat works like medicine in diabetes, high blood pressure.

3. Keeps blood sugar under control by keeping the immune system healthy.

4. Increases the red blood cells in the body, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen in the skin and as a result, the body produces antioxidants, which are good for the skin and hair.

5. Chhatu is generally very useful in summers to keep the body cool and relieve thirst.

6. It is easily digested, increases energy and nutrients. Relieves constipation.

7. Ayurveda says chhatu destroys kapha pitta by keeping the body's immune system in order, relieving ACDT.

8. Chamomile plays an effective role in removing excess toxins from the body.

9. A recent study has proven that it helps in weight loss. Oats are more beneficial.

10. Umbrellas play a special role in preventing problems like heat stroke.

11. Several studies have shown that if chuttu is eaten after the age of 60, many age-related diseases do not get a chance to take root in the body. As a result, the last age passes very calmly.

12. There is no alternative to Chhatur Sorbat to eliminate the nutritional deficiencies that occur in the body during periods. Chattu contains a large amount of minerals and vitamins, which play a special role in maintaining the body's mobility.

Nutrient value of chutney

  • Chhattu has many nutrients. 100 grams of Chattu contains 20.6 percent protein, 1.35 percent fiber, 65.2 percent carbohydrates, 7.2 percent fat and 406 calories. So it can be said that chhatu is a nutritious food.
  • Rice, chickpea, wheat, corn, barley etc. All the ingredients are roasted and powdered to make chattu.
  • Chhatu is named according to the crop like…
  • Rice bran, dal bran, wheat bran, barley bran, corn bran, mixed bran etc.
  • Chattu is a good food for diabetics, even children can eat it and those who are on a diet can easily eat chattu instead of rice bread.
  • Chhatu is a delicious dish that is almost ready, you can eat it just by mixing milk/sugar/molasses/coconut.