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14 Tips For Newborn Skin Care in Winter

14 Tips For Newborn Skin Care in Winter

There is no joy like the arrival of a new guest! When a couple's house lights up when a child arrives, that moment seems to be very happy and contented. From the beginning, the parents started preparing everything necessary for the normal growth of the new guest. It is important to take necessary measures for the protection of the baby's delicate body as well as the necessary materials for the baby. Along with everything, it is very important to take care of the baby's skin.

Here is Useful 14 Tips to take care of your baby in winter.

Use a humidifier:

If you live in a cold region, using a humidifier in your baby's room becomes essential. Using a heating system or portable heater in your baby's room draws water vapor from the room, which dries out the air in the room. Therefore, always install humidifiers in your home, which will keep the humidity levels at optimum levels.

Use a moisturizer:

Your little one's skin is very sensitive and the harsh winter environment can make it dry. If you want to keep your little baby's skin soft and supple, be sure to use a good moisturizer on her skin. Choose a skin cream or moisturizer made for baby skin. You can use creams or lotions rich in milk cream and butter, as this will help maintain the glow and texture of your baby's skin.

Do not use too many products:

As a new parent, instead of buying every new and promising baby care product available in the store, apply soft or good lotions and creams. But if you bathe him often and use different products on him, it will only dry out his skin. Also, avoid using soaps and shampoos daily or often as these will strip his skin of moisture and make it dry.

Massage your baby well:

For proper growth and development of your baby, it is very important to massage him daily. Massage stimulates blood flow in the body and increases the feeling of well-being, which indirectly boosts the baby's immune system. Use a good massage oil for massage and massage her gently. And while doing so, make sure that the room where you massage her is warm, especially during winter.

Do not use heavy blankets:

Don't use heavy blankets to keep your little one warm as he won't be able to move his arms freely and may pull the blanket over his face in doing so, increasing the risk of SIDS. So it is suggested that you use a light blanket and keep the room temperature optimal.

Dress the child in comfortable clothes:

Constantly wrapping your baby in thick sweaters, gloves, socks, and a hat will make movement difficult. So dress him depending on the room temperature and choose clothes that cover his body completely but are not constricting. You can dress him in gloves and socks that will keep your little one warm and let him sleep peacefully through the night.

Check your baby's room temperature:

Keeping your baby's room cozy and warm will keep your baby safe and protected from the harsh winter winds. Keep the windows of your home closed and the doors well locked. But make sure that your baby's room and living room are well ventilated. Use a heater to make the baby feel comfortable.

Vaccinate the child at the right time:

During winter, your baby is more susceptible to infections and his immune system is also weakened. So it is very important to vaccinate your child at the right time. Vaccinating your child will keep him healthy in the future. If for some reason the vaccination is missed, confirm the next date from your doctor and get vaccinated.

Breastfeed your baby:

Breast milk contains antibodies and nutrients that help strengthen the baby's immune system and protect him from common diseases. Continue to breastfeed the baby even after starting solid food. important is Breast milk, will provide him with all the nutrients and he needs to stay healthy. And the warmth of your body while breastfeeding will also be comfortable for him.

Maintain your own hygiene:

The mother has the closest relationship with the newborn. So it is essential for you to stay clean and healthy. Wash your hands and disinfect them with sanitizer every time you approach your child. If a guest visits the child, politely ask them to wash their hands or use sanitizer before approaching the child.

Take care of the outside:

If it's not too cold outside, it's a good idea to get out of the house once in a while to get some fresh air. But make sure your baby is covered from head to toe when taking them outside. Any exposure of the skin to cold air can quickly make it uncomfortable. Notice that your baby's toes are slightly cold and the stomach is warm. This is an ideal sign of the baby's correct body temperature.

Include soups in your baby's diet:

If your baby has started eating semi-solids, start giving him soup this winter. The delicious and healthy soup will keep him warm and refreshed in the cold weather. You can add chicken pieces or vegetables while making soup for baby. Also, add garlic powder to the soup, it will keep your baby warm in winter and protect him from various winter diseases.

Spend some time in the sun:

Sunlight is the greatest source of vitamin D, an essential nutrient for strong bones and an immune system boost. After changing clothes or bathing your baby, spend some time in the sun with him. Sunlight destroys germs and warms the baby's body.

Bathe the baby:

Bathing is important for maintaining cleanliness. Bathe your baby with lukewarm water once in a day in winter. On other days just take a wet towel and wipe their body before changing the dress. It will reduce the risk of illness and help the skin retain moisture.

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