Worried about dressing before marriage, know five important Tips!

Worried about dressing before Marriage, know five Important Tips

Worried about dressing before Marriage, know five Important Tips

It's hard to find a girl who doesn't worry about her wedding dress. If not the most attractive Madhya Mani bridal outfit of the event, then what else? So all brides are worried about how to wear wedding dress. And to remove that worry, today's report has several useful tips that are perfect for wedding dress.

1. Facial makeup

It is important to wash your face with a good brand of cleanser before applying makeup on your face. Makeup suits well if the skin of the face is kept hydrated regularly from one month before the wedding. Pay special attention to choosing a foundation. Otherwise the whole outfit will spoil. Not only that, if the shade does not match with the skin, the base of the makeup will be spoiled. While using the foundation, make sure that the skin of the entire face and neck is covered. But this is the hope to brighten the skintone. After the base makeup, it is the turn of the details. Take a look at your outfit before using blusher. If the blusher color doesn't match, you won't look attractive at all. Apply the blusher starting from under the eyes to the end of the ears. The chic part will also get detailing. Highlighter can be used to make your face more attractive.

2. Eye makeup

  A very important part of bridal makeup is the eyes. First draw the eyebrow's beautifully. A unique bridal makeup has a unique eye makeup. So keep in mind what kind of eye makeup you are going for - bright glossy eyes or matte look or just highlighted eyes. Talk to your makeup artist accordingly. Eye shadow blending is very important. You will see that the combination of eyeshadow is matched with the clothes. Be careful while drawing the liner as well. The style of drawing the liner should not seem inconsistent with the makeup of the face. Highlighter can be used under the eyes to make the eyes more beautiful. Don't worry if your eyelashes are short. and then curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. It will make your eyelashes look bigger and you can apply mascara easily.

3. Lips

Lip color completes the whole face look. Choose a lip color that matches the color of the dress and outfit. If your overall look is light style, then you can choose dark red or maroon lipstick. According to professionals, however, the best lip color for Conesage is a soft coral or pink. The stain can also be used before applying lip color which makes the lip color last longer. Follow the make-up artist's advice and use a light lip gloss that will make your lips pop.

4. Hair style

  To make the hair thick and beautiful on the wedding day, care must be taken several months before. Using home remedies like egg white, onion juice etc. makes hair much smoother and brighter. Besides, you can also go to the parlor to practice hair regularly. Spa and hair nourishment will give good volume to the hair. And on the wedding day, the hairstyle will catch the eye if it is tied in the style you like. Besides, the hair can be made more beautiful with small fragrant flowers. Or just roses can make you unique on your wedding day.

5. Manicure and Pedicure

Bridal makeup means more than just face and hair. It is important to make the skin of the hands equally bright. The beautiful legs in the anklets should also be seen to catch everyone's attention. Get regular manicure-pedicure at least six weeks before the wedding. Use nail polish of your choice on the wedding day. You can also do matching nail art with the help of a make-up artist.

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