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Cough, sore throat increases in Winter

Cough, sore throat increases in Winter

Now winter is going on and cold, cough, breathing problems are more common during winter. Especially those who have allergy problems have more problems during winter, so they have to take care to avoid cold and flu in winter. You should eat more vitamin C in winter days and always drink warm water. Hot water keeps the digestive system healthy. After waking up in the morning, drinking turmeric mixed with honey and lemon juice in hot water will give you many benefits and reduce fat, which is also beneficial for the body.

Whooping cough, sore throat increases during winter Remedy:

Eating honey so regularly solves many problems. Everyone has a cold and cough problem. Many times it is seen that the cough does not want to stop. Ginger and honey tea is very beneficial at this time. Crush ginger and drink it with hot water or hot tea. This will completely eliminate the problem of cold and cough.

There is no match for ginger tea to relieve cough and body ache. Ginger tea removes phlegm accumulated in the chest and increases appetite. Drinking tea with honey instead of sugar is very beneficial for diabetic patients.

Drinking cold water can cause serious damage!

If cold water does not affect young age, it will harm in old age. Cold water is dangerous for the heart and it clogs the 4 veins leading to heart attacks. So we can literally say that cold drinks are one of the main causes of heart attacks. It also causes liver problems. It binds fat to the liver. Most of the people who are waiting for the liver transplant operation drink cold water. Cold water seriously affects the inner wall of the stomach of the human body. It affects the large intestine and eventually develops into cancer.

Benefits of hot water

A group of Japanese doctors confirmed that hot water is 100% effective in solving several health problems:

    • 01. Migraine
    • 02. high blood pressure
    • 03. low blood pressure
    • 04. Joint pain
    • 05. Sudden increase and decrease in heart rate of human body
    • 07. Cholesterol levels
    • 08. cough
    • 09. physical discomfort
    • 10. stomach pain
    • 11. Asthma
    • 12. cough
    • 13. Vein obstruction
    • 14. Uterine and Urinary Diseases
    • 15. stomach problems
    • 16. Hunger problem
    • 17. headache

How to drink hot water?

Regularly sleep between 10-11 pm and wake up early in the morning and drink about 2 glasses of hot water on an empty stomach, some may not be able to drink 2 glasses of water at first but gradually they can do it.

Note: Do not eat anything for 45 minutes after drinking hot water.

Following are the health problems that hot water therapy will solve within a reasonable time:-

    • Diabetes in 30 days
    • Blood pressure in 30 days
    • Stomach problems within 10 days
    • All types of cancer within 09 months
    • Vein obstruction problem within 06 months
    • Hunger problem within 10 days
    • Uterus and related diseases within 10 days
    • Within 15 days, solution of other problems including nose, ear and throat pain.
    • Women's problems in 15 days
    • Heart problems within 30 days
    • Headache / Migraine problem within 03 days
    • Cholesterol problem within 04 months
    • Epilepsy and paralysis problems within 09 months
    • Asthma problem within 04 months

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