6 Temporary-Permanent Teeth Stain Causes & Treatments


 6 Temporary-Permanent Teeth Stain Causes & Treatments

Why teeth stain and what to do about it?

The external beauty of a person can be seen by everyone and this beauty mainly depends on all the external parts of the person. Among the external beauty, people's eyes first, then on the face of the person, and the teeth inside the mouth depend a lot on the beauty of the person, which we all can achieve easily. This beauty of the teeth can be spoiled for various reasons and later it becomes embarrassing and embarrassing to go out in public. Tooth stains are one of them. This scar can be both permanent and temporary. Now let's talk about these spots.

Causes of Temporary Scarring:

1. Betel stain:

use of betel nut, betel nut, kheer etc. causes a dark brown color on the teeth.

2. Tobacco Stains:

Smokers develop brown or black stains on their teeth. These stains are more common on the base of the tooth and on the lingual side of the tooth.

3. Metallic stains:

drinking tube well water for a long time can cause brown stains on all teeth. Because tube well water has high iron content. Apart from this, long-term consumption of iron-like medicines can also cause such spots. Apart from this, white, gray or black colored stones accumulated on the teeth also look like dental stains.

Causes of Permanent Scarring:

1. Tetracycline Stains:

Long-term use of tetracycline antibacterial drugs can cause brown or yellow stains on the teeth. An important point is that if the expectant mother consumes this drug while the child is in the womb, then such stains are observed on the teeth of the unborn child. For this reason, tetracycline should not be given to any boy or girl especially up to eight years of age.

2. Fluorosis:

Brown stains on the teeth caused by excessive intake of fluoridated water during tooth formation. Sometimes excessive fluoride intake causes small cavities in the teeth. This is called mottled enamel.

3. Other defects in tooth formation:

Hereditary defects or diseased tooth overgrowth or excessive calcium accumulation in the teeth can cause white, yellow or brown spots and lesions on the teeth. Due to excessive calcium, tooth structure is very weak and easily eroded.

Treatment of Tooth Stains

Most temporary stains come off with good brushing. However, if necessary, scaling and polishing can also remove stains from the teeth.

Permanent scars are difficult to treat. A small spot can be removed and filling can be done matching the color of the teeth. If there are no other problems other than this then nothing needs to be done.

Composite fillings are currently very popular and a modern treatment for restoring discolored enamel.

What to do to prevent tooth stains-

1. Do not eat excessive amount of Jorda, Hheer etc. with bean and brush your teeth after eating bean.

2. Do not give tetracycline to children under the age of eight and to pregnant women.

3. Quit smoking habit.

4. Avoid excessive use or prolonged use of high iron or fluoride water.

5. Regular teeth cleaning must be done in the right manner and at the right time.


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