Top 5 Best Don Lee's Movies You Missed in 2023! - healthforty

Top 5  Best Don Lee's Movies You Missed in 2023! - healthforty

Top 5  Best Don Lee's Movies You Missed in 2023! - healthforty

Film: The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil (2019)

  1. Director: Won-Tae Lee
  2. Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
  3. IMDb rating: 6.9/10
  4. Personal rating: 7/10
  5. Rotten Tomatoes: 97%

This movie is based on the true story of a serial killer. Where a powerful gangster and the police join hands to catch a brutal serial killer after him!

A serial killer appears in town, targeting lonely people late at night and in secluded places. At one point, when he went near him, he suddenly took out a knife and ran away. He is fierce and cunning; The target's death was inevitable.

One rainy night, he finds the city's toughest gangster alone, follows him and ambushes him. But this was his biggest mis-target. The gangster is seriously injured in the unexpected surprise attack, but the serial killer fails to kill him and escapes with a blow from the reverse knife. The serial killer did not understand, what danger is going to cause him this wrong action tonight! The cat-and-mouse game between gangsters and serial killers begins!

Don Lee's performance as a gangster in this movie was excellent. His acting-attitude-action was perfect for the gangster character. Liked enough as an action-crime-thriller and serial killer movie and a must watch movie.

Film: The Outlaws (2017)

  1. Crime, Action movie south korean
  2. Running time: 121 minutes.

First of all, this is my first time to write something about the movie. And this is not a movie review, just trying to say something from my own preferences and opinions. So I hope no one will make any bad comments. It is basically a gang war movie. In 2004, three Chinese infiltrators appeared just as the Seoul police were trying to negotiate with local gangs to keep the environment calm and livable. Those who arrived in South Korea first arrested a member of a local influential gang to collect the money owed. Some chelapellas including the leader of the gang come to rescue him. Some arguments started between them and suddenly before they could understand anything, the leader of the party was killed by 3 Chinese men. After the murder, the body was cut into pieces and scattered in different parts of the city and easily formed their own gang with the rest of the group. This is where the action scenes of the movie basically start. The police force started their investigation. Among them is a policeman who is very brave and strong, who always wants to keep his city safe. To be honest, I didn't think these three were the main villains. After that, this new gang started committing crimes day after day and in no time, their fear and nobility spread throughout the city. With them began a power struggle with all the old gangs. The Seoul police force also joins the old gangs to stop them. Watch the full movie to find out if these three will be able to take over Seoul or if the old gangs and police force can stop them. I think this is a must watch for those who mainly love to watch Katakaati, Gang War action movies. I promise you will spend the whole time in great excitement.

Film: The Roundup (2022)

  1. Genre: Action, Crime
  2. IMDb: 6.3/10

This movie is the 2nd installment of The Outlaws. Although it is not as bad as the first one. It is an enjoyable movie with a mix of action, action, comedy in a short runtime. Usually in these type of movies the villain is strong. Here too the villain is presented as brutal and clever. With the villain No one dies. Murre kills everyone and escapes. But to Don Lee, even the best villains in the world seem to be nothing.

Don Lee on the screen is really relaxing and anxiety less. I watched the movie because of Don Lee.

The number of Korean terrorists in Vietnam is increasing day by day. Their target is to make friends with Korean tourists and then kidnap them to collect large sums of money from their families.

On the other hand, a Korean terrorist surrendered at the Korean embassy in Vietnam. Don Lee's team, i.e. Korean detective-police, went to bring him back.

When they go there, they find the whereabouts of the terrible terrorist Kang. While trying to catch him, a story starts happening. What happens in the end?

Film: Champion 2018

  1. Genre: Drama, Sports.
  2. Casting: Ma Dong Seok, Kwon Yul, Han Ye Ri.
  3. Country: South-Korea.
  4. Box Office: US$ 8.7 million
  5. IMDb: 6.3/10

  I would put Champion after The Outlaws on Ma Dong Seok's list of favorites. And movies like this are perfect for Ma Dong Seok. Mark, Joon-Hee, Joon-Hyun, the chias between the three people are very beautiful in the movie.

In the movie Champion, Mark is an arm wrestler who dreams of becoming a champion. As a child, he became a burden to his mother without a father, so his mother adopted him and he grew up in America. Only his mother helps him to escape from his dark life. Jin-ki, on the other hand, is a promoter who wants to change his life through Mark. Then the two of them developed the claw fighting skills together in Korea. Where there are many big rivals and champions will get a chance in the international. Will they be able to turn their lives around?

Film: Train To Busan (2016)

I finished watching the zombie series but wasn't watching this one. Although the series and the movie were about zombies, the two were different. Love is more prominent in the movie. Sorry to see you so late. The movie is beautifully produced by Yen Sang-ho. I like it very much.

His daughter is the most beloved to the father. Heading out to fulfill that girl's special day needs. But who knows how long the beautiful world will be beautiful! We have seen an ideal husband in the story of father and daughter. Who is always active in the care of his pregnant wife. But how difficult the destination is to be seen in the end.

Gong Yeo also acted very well. His performance as a father will always be remembered. The last act was very emotional. We know what kind of actor Don Lee is. He acted as best as he could. Jung Yoo-mi also acted very well. The child's performance was also good.

Excellent cinematography. Also the screenplay was very good. I like the BGM a lot. I have become very emotional in some places. But the 2nd one was not so good. A good movie would have been without a sequel. If no one has seen Train to Busan, then I will tell you to watch it quickly.

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