Natural Skin Care for Men's - Daily essentials


Natural  Skin Care for Men's

Boys Skin Needs to be Taken Care of Daily

Every guy needs regular care to keep his skin looking good. Because office or home shopping, delivering important news, etc. are done by boys. As a result, the color of the skin becomes brown and rough due to sunburn, dust and sand coating. Regular care is needed to remove this roughness of the skin. Many guys these days are very conscious about skin care.

Sun, dust, sweat - when their skin becomes rough and dirty, various problems arise. Acne occurs. This happens when the pores get clogged with dust and dirt on oily and sweaty skin. If you have acne, it is better to shave every other day instead of shaving every day. A good moisturizer can be applied five to ten minutes before shaving. And before shaving, be sure to soak the razor in warm water with antiseptic for a while, which is very important. The razor should be pulled downwards while shaving. Many people get skin rashes after shaving. Use a light shaving cream or skin-friendly gel or foam for that. Those prone to rashes should avoid after shave lotions. It is important to apply an anti-allergic or antiseptic cream after shaving.

What to do for acne problems:

You can go to any good parlor for herbal facial for acne problem. Such packs can also be made at home. Leave the cinnamon paste on the acne for 15-20 minutes and wash it off. Accumulation of dirt leads to acne, so clean the skin regularly. Wash your face with clean water repeatedly. It is not right to put nails on pimples. It may stain. Consult a doctor if you have more acne and the resulting pain or discomfort is severe. Eating plenty of water, seasonal fruits and vegetables does not cause acne. After going outside, rinse the skin with plenty of water and a good quality face wash. Eat less tea. Don't wake up at night.

Sunburn Actions:

In summer, there are patches of black spots and sunburn on the skin. Sunburn is more common on the hands and face of boys. So use sunscreen lotion or cream on the skin at least 15 minutes before going outside. Sunscreen lotion or cream should have an SPF of 40-50 in our country's climate. Make sure that your daily compact powder is also UV protected. After 1 hour of applying sunscreen lotion or cream, wash off and reapply. After 1 hour, sunscreen lotion is no longer effective. Alternatively, making a pack of sour curd, rose water and Multani miti and applying it on the skin daily will reduce the scars. Packs can also be made with flour, tomato and raw turmeric juice. After 15 minutes, remove with rose water. Get regular facials.

Skin care according to type:

Those with oily skin can wash their face with a good quality face wash and apply a screen toner before going to sleep. Pack can be made with lemon, cucumber. It will reduce the oily feeling and will also feel fresh. However, it is not right to apply milk or milk juice on such skin. You can use sesame paste instead of milk. It should not be given to dry skin. It makes the skin more dry. You can make a pack with milk or olive oil and apply it. You can apply moisturizing cream before sleeping. You can make a pack with honey and papaya on mixed skin. Apart from this, the juice of the fruit softens the skin and removes sunburn. Apart from home care, deep cleansing, vitamin C, anti-oxidant, herbal, special herbal, aloe vera, diamond and flower facial can be taken from the parlor by understanding the skin type. Get a facial at a good quality parlour. But do not rub excess amount on the skin.

Also you must drink at least 6 to 10 glasses of water a day. Include plenty of vitamin-rich fresh fruits and green vegetables in your diet. There is no substitute for regular skin care for fresh skin.