Best Healthy Eating Quotes Celebrating Better Food Choices

Best Healthy Eating Quotes Celebrating Better Food Choices

Healthy Food

When we think of healthy food, fat free food comes to our mind. Let's not forget that fat means junk food and fat is unhealthy food.

But, our idea is not right at all, every food we eat contains different types of vitamins and minerals.

For example: A, B, C, D, E, K etc.

Among these vitamins, there are two vitamins that are not digested well if our body is low in fat. Its have a lots of vitamin A and vitamin D.

    • These two vitamin E are important for us.
    • On the other hand,
    • The 6 ingredients of food,
    • non-vegetarian
    • sugar,
    • affection,
    • vitamins,
    • Minerals,
    • Water is not outside of these but fat.

A healthy diet basically means eating in moderation. All edible foods have some benefits, but in excess they become unhealthy foods.

According to the needs of our body, an adult healthy person needs 2500-2800 calories per day. If we take food in balance with this calculation then it will be healthy food.

For example: 1 fistful of dry fruits contains 300-320 calories, now if you can eat 8-9 fistfuls of dry fruits throughout the day, it will be in your healthy diet.

On the other hand,

Chocolate is high in calories because it is high in sugar and sugar contains sugar. But, taking too much sugar is unhealthy, so eating more chocolate is prohibited, but chocolate is not an unhealthy food. because,

Dark chocolate is often recommended to girls who suffer from iron deficiency.

Because, dark chocolate contains a lot of iron.

We don't know much about healthy food on the net. For example: salad, oily fish, oats, but can we eat these?

Can't, because we don't know how much to eat.

When it comes to healthy food I would say,

Foods with minimal processing are healthier foods. The more "R" we can take from any food, the more nutritional quality will be maintained in the food.

What does processed food mean?

Processed food refers to food that has gone through multiple steps to make it suitable for processing or packaging. For example: If we eat chicken rolls, these chicken rolls are very delicate, we eat them many days after they are processed and then frozen. By then its qualities are lost.

On the other hand, we directly cook vegetables from the market and eat them, so we can give their nutritional value directly to our body.


By healthy food I mean staying fresh and nothing goes better with the word freshness than panak. When our body is dehydrated, but many times, the brain gets the signal of hunger.

For example, fever is actually thirst for a lot of water.

Healthy foods actually make us feel good, many times we eat a balanced diet but, we eat them in a bad mood. So this conflict of two opposites, upset and eating, does not bring us anything good.

Therefore, we should eat foods that we like to eat.

    • healthy food us,
    • mind is good,
    • Increases the body's immune system,
    • Improves digestion,
    • get strength
    • Our healthy food plays a role in all kinds of functions like hunger and satiety.

So, I think healthy food doesn't mean certain foods or fat-free foods. I think healthy food means moderate food.