Best 10 Ways to Stay Healthy between Christmas and New Year - 2023

Best 10 Ways to Stay Healthy

Looks like 2022 has come to an end. Today is December 31st. In today's thirty-first, I have come up with 10 ways to stay healthy for you.

Know about 10 ways to stay Healthy

Health is not only freedom from disease or a healthy body or physical well-being, but health is a combination of social, mental, and physical qualities of a person that help him lead a fulfilling life. Health is the greatest wealth of human life or in simple words health is the root or source of all happiness. We all want healthy and beautiful life in human life. So we need to take care of food, drink, light and air, bath, clothing, sleep, rest etc.

People realize the importance of being healthy only when they are sick or mentally disabled. If the body is not healthy, nothing feels good or both body and mind are sick. So you have to strive for the health of body and mind. And for this there is no need to do any additional material at all. You will feel healthy if you follow a few rules of daily activities. Let's know about the ways to stay healthy-

Health is very desirable. When the body is sick with a disease, then the value of health can be understood. If the body is not healthy, the mind is not healthy. So you have to know the ways of health of body and mind. That's why there is no need for extra bed. Who prevents you from being healthy if you follow the rules of daily work!

1. One should wake up soon after 6 am and sit in the sun. By doing this, morning light produces vitamin D in the human body and the air refreshes the mind, brain and eyes.

2. Drinking a glass of pure water on an empty stomach after washing your face in the morning can get rid of many other diseases apart from stomach gas problems. If you wake up in the morning and practice exercise, walking and jogging, the immunity of the body increases. The body is healthy.

3. Breakfast is very important for the health of the body. 2/3 glass of water should be consumed in the morning. Balanced and nutritious food should be consumed. Never drink tea/coffee on an empty stomach. Drink tea/coffee after a heavy breakfast.

4. Never drink water between meals. Drink water before eating. It will help you eat less food which will help you lose weight. Drinking water between meals hinders digestion and causes digestive problems. And of course it should be kept in mind that drink water at least 30 minutes after eating.

5. Lunch time should be before 1 pm and night meal before 8 pm. Because if you eat late in the afternoon you will eat more then you will gain weight and if you eat late at night you will not get time to digest the food properly which will also spoil your night sleep. It is not right to go to sleep immediately after eating at night, you should go to sleep after at least an hour.

7. You should not drink water coming from hot sun. In this, our body cannot adapt to its own condition suddenly, which affects the normal performance of the body. It is better to drink water after some rest after overexertion and hot sun.

8. Being busy is good for both the body and the mind so stay busy at work as much as possible.

9. Dress according to your taste and personality.

10. Take care of your body regularly.

How to keep yourself always Healthy? 

Some Points:

    • Sleep for 7-8 hours.
    • 5 time prayer and by reading Quran hadith.
    • Walk 3 km every morning
    • Drink 2.5 liters of water.
    • He talked to everyone with a smile.
    • Don't be angry with anyone.
    • Chasing a small amount of food.
    • Inquiring about relatives.
    • Let go of worry.
    • Blood pressure measurement and diabetes check every 2-3 months.
    • Eat more vegetables and fish, eat less meat.